Modeling Leverages Customer Insights to Drive Growth

We help you learn how to make Big Data work for you. Gain significant value and insight into your best customers. Learn to be strategic, so your business is poised for a better return on investment. It all helps your bottom line. That is your end goal.


iMDirect Marketing provides you with experts in the data business to help identify ideal targets while improving marketing performance and managing overall risk. It is not rocket science. However, it will propel your next campaign.

  • Predictive response/converter models
  • Prospect and acquisition models
  • Cross-sell and customer lifetime value models
  • Retention and win-back models
  • Online behavioral modeling

A Strong Step Towards Quality data

It is important to be thorough when profiling data and do it on a regular basis to realize the substantial benefits profiling offers. The valuable information that gathered through data profiling is used to measure and improve the reliability of the information used in planning and decision-making.

56% of Direct Mail is opened and read. Why? It engages more senses and triggers brain activity. We know how to excite neurons.

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