Leverage Call Tracking to Generate Customer Insights and Drive Results

We help you learn how to apply call tracking and make it work for you. Gain significant insight and value into your best prospects and customers. Being proactive helps your business be in the position for a better return on investment, managing productivity and without the usual lead leakage. It all helps your bottom line. That is your end goal, right?

Call Tracking

The best way to track the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaign and measure "call-in" volume is to have use call tracking. You can use iMDirect Marketing’s call tracking technology to determine your cost-per-sale and cost-per-call rate. This service is provided at no cost to you. This helps determining which marketing campaigns are most effective. Each campaign must have a designated telephone number. You can use this information to see what campaigns are working and which are not. Call Tracking can be used pretty much in any direct marketing advertisements.

We will provide your organization with a report showing incoming calls in an itemized report that shows what number was called and what time that number was called as well as what region that call came from if you are doing national marketing.


iMDirect provides solutions that track, attribute, and optimize the performance of digital marketing spend in real-time. Track and Act in Real-time. Capture and monitor digital marketing data at a granular level in real time, enabling optimum impact.

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