Tracking is crucial to any marketing campaign; if you aren't tracking you are not marketing. Whether you’re generating leads or launching a new product or service tracking will show you what marketing vehicles work and which ones don’t. In the long run by tracking online and offline marketing efforts you can begin to create a more cost effective marketing campaign that will get you the results you desire without wasting money. At no additional cost to you, we provide:

  • Landing Pages
  • Call Tracking

The result is an accurate measurement of what marketing efforts were effective and no longer having to depend on inaccurate guesswork to determine where you spend your marketing budget. Enough of the why, Call iMDirect Marketing now and get started tracking your next campaign.

Taming Marketing Chaos in an integrated world

iMDirect provides solutions that track, attribute, and optimize the performance of digital marketing spend in real-time.

Track and Act in Real-time. Capture and monitor digital marketing data at a granular level in real time, enabling optimum impact.

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