Database marketing and Strategic Insights Drive Lead Generation with Intelligence

iMDirect provides customers with strategic marketing insights based on the latest market research and sophisticated business intelligence tools. We help organizations create data-driven strategies to transform average campaigns into high-performance, reliable marketing initiatives using smart data not unnecessarily big data.


Given the traditional silos of information across organizations and the fact that data-driven marketing requires credible data, the development of an organization-wide data strategy is critical. In order for your data strategy to be actionable, it needs to be driven as a partnership between IT, marketing, and other key business functions. In addition, you’ll need to link the data strategy to overall business objectives, garner senior level sponsorship, stay mindful of data management issues such as data hygiene and compliance considerations and be certain you have the organizational talent to execute.

iMDirect Marketing can help you navigate through the silos and help you with your key stakeholders.

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