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Email marketing is now commonplace in the digital age. Providing companies unparalleled access to reach their consumers. Unfortunately, most companies are unaware of how to leverage email marketing to increase their exposure, let alone leverage it to help strengthen their existing user base.

So what gives? There is an alarming disconnect through the marketing efforts of companies to their consumers. Whether it's the same clichés or bad presentation, it is without much wonder that many businesses find their consumers to be discontent or even downright upset from their email marketing.

We are changing the culture one email at a time, delivering messages that truly connect and resonate with your leads and customer.

Target Audience

We Understand Your Business

Lucky for you, iMDirect Marketing understands your marketing struggles. We know how hard it is to obtain a customer and to retain a customer. We specialize in engaging the right audience that is most likely to convert to your buyer and become your customer.

Our innovative approach allows us the ability to create email campaign's that harness the power of your brand recognition through the lead generation and customer journey cycle.

And combine that with our unique ability to dissect complex customer buying behavior results in us designing email campaigns that can collect leads, nurture your leads, convert leads to a buyer, increase customer retention, optimize your data so you can monetize your customer.

Using our vast experience and understanding of the customer journey allows us to increase your Life-Time-Value (LTV) of your customer. And we do this by:

  • Automated Engagement Sequences
  • Email List(s)
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Engaging Offers
  • Email Delivery Services
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Campaign Analytics

Insight into your data automatically leads to better marketing

We partner with clients to create powerful marketing campaigns that solidify brand building and customer engagement that positively affect our clients’ bottom line.

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